RxDataScience Enters Into Joint AI Research Venture with Indian Institute of Technology Mandi

RxDataScience and the Indian Institute of Technology Mandi have announced an 18-month long research venture. The partnership has a twofold goal: to both design and develop AI applications for rare disease treatment and use machine learning prediction models for different measures of interest to improve upon patient journeys. 

Rare diseases affect tens of millions of patients worldwide, but by their nature, are difficult to accurately and quickly diagnose. Patients often suffer for years before proper diagnosis and treatment can begin. Machine learning and artificial intelligence promise to allow faster, more accurate identification of these conditions, improving patient lives and reducing cost of treatment. Likewise, machine learning and AI can help to cut through the massive amounts of large scale data involved in patient journey analysis. Improving treatment pathways, educating physicians and hospitals on best practices, and identifying through real world evidence the effectiveness of treatments are just a few of the benefits to be gained. 

To read more about the venture, see the FULL PRESS RELEASE HERE