Case Studies


8.pngMid-Market Case Study

This mid-market case study shows how a mid-market pharmaceutical company can compete with a top-10 company when they have the right tools. Get the case study.






thermometer.pngCMSAnalytix App

The CMSAnalytix app leverages the data  provided by the government CMS Open Payments program. Visualize data and drill down to see competitive trends and more. Get the brochure.



ETL Accelerator App

If you're spending too much time extracting information, you'll be interested in learning more about the ETL accelerator app. Discover how you can derive faster insights. Get the brochure.

patient journey appPatient Journey App

Learn how you can map changes in drug regimens over extended periods of time, create dynamic visualizations, and implement sophisticated business rules, and more using the patient journey app. Get the brochure.




RxDataScience Inc. Presents at CED Tech Venture Conference

See our CEO, Larry A. Pickett, Jr. explain how RxDataScience Inc. is shaking up the Pharmaceutical and Healthcare industries by allowing companies to unlock information they need to make better data-driven decisions. Watch video on YouTube.

Partner Resources


computer_screen.pngKx and Genome Data Mining Whitepaper

Take a look at how Kx technology can analyze data with a focus on genomics, a challenging area of focus within the pharmaceutical industry. Get the whitepaper.

medical_kit.pngKx for Pharma—Production Improvements Driven By Big Data Whitepaper

This whitepaper discusses how Kx can improve production environments through optimized storage, an open and transparent visualization tool, and a scalable platform. Get the whitepaper.

heart_monitor_in_heart.pngKx for Pharma—Research and Development Whitepaper

In research and development, data analysis is crucial. Learn how Kx provides the speed and computational power necessary for analyzing billions of datasets the pharmaceutical industry requires. Get the whitepaper.

25.pngThe Kx Technology Fund: Fueling Digital Transformation in Pharma

Biotech budgets have been reduced, and the economic landscape for the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries has been repeatedly challenged. So how do you fuel digital transformation with these looming constraints? Read the full article.