Quantitative Systems Pharmacology (QSP) is an emerging discipline within translational medicine, focused on identifying and validating drug targets, understanding existing therapeutics, and discovering new ones. 

RxDataScience brings unique capabilities in the areas of high performance computation and analytics, which is a key aspect of the overall QSP solution. Our solution provides a platform for orchestration and simulation of millions of virtual patients based on QSP models, on the cloud, and features to optimize the QSP simulation cycles dramatically.

What is Translational Medicine and Clinical? The leveraging data, analytics, and technology to accelerate the drug discovery and research, including enhancing the clinical trials outcome.

Benefits of Clinical and Quantitative Systems Pharmacology

  • QSP extends the classical discipline of pharmacology and develops new concepts that can be applied to specific problems in drug development, including:
    • Identifying novel drug targets and pharmacodynamic biomarkers.
    • Predicting which drugs will work together (as combination therapies) to achieve defined pharmacological endpoints.
    • Determining action of existing drugs and whether they might be effective in diseases for which they were not originally tested.
  • Predict which patients will respond to and benefit from a given therapy and assess the reasons for variability in efficacy.
  • Improve ability to perform key steps in drug discovery and mitigate the current challenges faced in the drug development.
  • Develop systematic approaches to understanding adverse drug reactions and identify subsets of patients who are at increased risk for acute and delayed toxicity.

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