What we’re passionate about

Treatment for chronic diseases, mental illness, and care for the most vulnerable populations like children, the elderly and the poor, are major healthcare challenges.  Both the cost and effectiveness of various therapies are of concern. At RxDataScience, we believe that the power of big data analytics can have a significant positive impact on the lives of these patient populations, the providers that care for them, and the payers such as government and insurers providing economic support.

How we plan to make a change

RxDataScience brings an open analytics healthcare platform supported by data scientists, deep knowledge of healthcare data and how to link disparate data sources at scale, powerful analytics tools, and the passion to bring teams of people together to work on and solve these common challenges. No one organization or technology can solve this problem – it takes elements of technology and expertise across the entire healthcare value chain to form an analytics ecosystem to deliver these breakthrough results. This is why an open and collaborative approach is essential to delivering results.

We are all either patients or know someone who is.

To learn more about our vision and RxDS OpenHealthcare Platform, how you can become part of the solution, contact us at care@rxdatascience.com


We believe that small dedicated teams of exceptional professionals can change the world by improving healthcare for all. We bring a multidisciplinary team and data driven approach to the problem.   Medical and scientific professionals, data scientists and computer science or IT experts, providers, payers, and patients themselves all contribute their expertise and perspective to the problems and solutions.  The results of these efforts are innovative software solutions that enable radical improvement in the cost and effectiveness of care.

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We work in close collaboration with our partners who provide us with the supporting tools to build these fast, efficient, and customized products for our clients.


New Employee Orientations

At RxDS, we conduct periodic bootcamps to introduce new employees and interns to our company as well as to the pharmaceutical, and overall healthcare, industry. These orientations also include talks from industry professionals and clients. Our orientation week ends with a relaxing trip to the beach where the team gets to spend some quality time together outside a typical work setting.

Internships at RxDataScience

This internship isn’t about fetching coffees and making copies. Our interns are as much part of our product development process as the rest of the team. Spanning the duration of the internship, each intern is paired with a mentor and will work on real client products. We’re always looking for fresh brilliant minds to join our team. If you like what you see, get in touch with us!

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