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Built with Javascript and node.js, the AppBuilder Framework is a proprietary RxDataScience platform that facilitates rapid, iterative development of business dashboards from general purpose screens to complex data lake interfaces. While various no-code solutions exist in the industry, there are few that can provide the full scale of flexibility and customization that businesses need to make them work per departmental needs. The Low-code App-Builder enables developers to create complex web-based applications with minor code modifications. This means novice developers with a basic prior exposure to programming can create custom applications that can meet the specific needs of a department without being reliant simply on the canned functionalities provided by other BI-like tools today.

Characteristics of the Low-code AppBuilder proprietary platform:

  • BI Tool for developers – not end-users
  • Produces a compiled application that can run anywhere – even on the edge
  • Designed for service provider supporting multiple clients
  • All code is in the database which enables unique capabilities
  • Combines multiple best of breed technologies to produce “BI Apps”
  • BI Apps bring business intelligence, machine learning, and visualizations on top of data in a easy-to-use package

What Others Are Saying

“RxDataScience’s customer service focus in just fantastic.  They are incredibly responsive to requests, and, in the rare instance an issue arises, the team is very proactive about communicating resolution timelines.  I have worked in the industry for 20+ years and my experience with RxDataScience has ranked among my top data & analytics vendor experiences.”

Senior Director, Market Insight

Global Pharma Company

“The RxDataScience team brings agility, advanced capabilities and technology we simply cannot get from the other top consulting firms.”

Chief Data Officer

Top 10 Pharma

“RxDataScience has set the bar very high for other vendors to catch up.”

Head of Clinical Analytics Enablement

Top 10 Pharma Company

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