About Declan Corrigan

Declan Corrigan is a graduate of the Queen’s University of Belfast in the field of Computer Science. After working in a number of the verticals that KxSystems are a part of, he has settled in the field of healthcare and pharmaceutical data with partner company RxDataScience. Declan is keen to see how he, along with his colleagues, can impact the way data is collected, stored and analysed using kdb+ in-memory tables.

Human Activity Recognition Using Pharma ML and IoT Devices, Part II

Decision Trees

As mentioned in my previous exert, I will be delving further into the complexity of the algorithm I used in my study. Following some research into decision trees and the impact they have had on healthcare and pharma I found that their presence has been assisting across the field since the early 90’s in the form of Evidence Based Medicine (EBM). The stages detailed in this process where summarised to:


Human Activity Recognition Using Machine Learning & iOT Devices, Part I


Coming from a background in computer science, I was familiar with Machine Learning and its capabilities although admittedly I had never considered the impact it could have on the world of healthcare.  Subsequent to joining the team here at RxDataScience, I was tasked with implementing a decision tree, in order to detect what activity a person, in a room was undertaking using data collected via a radio frequency identification tag and sensors mounted in corners of the room.