KDB+ reading list and other resources

This list is an addition to the required readings on the Salem Recruitment page.

More Tutorials

KDB+ Related Videos
KDB+ Github Repository
KDB+ Google Group

General purpose reading on kdb+

APL (We don’t use APL, and this is intended to provide a simple introduction to the philosophy of APL with a few examples on Kenneth Iverson’s ‘Notation As A Tool Of Thought’)
A conversation with Arthur Whitney

Kx Articles (Intermediate – Advanced)

Wiki Articles
Various Interesting Examples in Q by Stevan Apter
Treetable (a 3-D Pivot Table in Q)
Apter’s version of the 2 line Sudoku Solver
One-Liners in k/q

Extremely Advanced (Competitive Programming – Adventofcode)
Questions: https://adventofcode.com
Solutions: http://kparc.com/advent/ (includes js, k, q and solutions in various other languages)
General Reading

KDB+ – A short article on Arthur Whitney, the author of the k/q language
The Origins Of J
k (We use Q, which is k version 4. We won’t be using k and the article herein is just for informational purposes)


Ken Iverson’s Paper on Notation As A Tool Of Thought
Perils Of Lyrical Programming
Background to Ken Iverson
Additional Background on APL