One of the key roles of the Medical Affairs team includes monitoring MSL Interaction with KOLs. RxDataScience’s analytics platform provides biotech and pharmaceutical companies the ability to integrate multiple data sources from CROs, MSL CRMs, and HCPs into one platform to deduce meaningful insights, which can help companies make informed decisions. Our application is intelligent to automatically prioritize discussions that need immediate attention and also gives companies the ability to configure it to their specific requirements.

We give users the ability to gain insights across the medical affairs spectrum without going into multiple data silos, by integrating disconnected data sources into a unified view. 

Our dashboards can present and support the management of data received from KOLs, clinical trials, early access programs, off-label use, prescriptions, etc. It also allows users to monitor worldwide activity and interactions between HCPs and MSLs to track their performance. Our data-driven approach and easy-to-understand dashboards support better decision-making and enables teams to execute their strategy more effectively.