RxDataSolutions (RxDS) helps transform the sales and account management strategies in response to evolving value drivers and customer dynamics. Our proprietary platform enables commercial data aggregation, integration, and analysis to simplify this process and makes decision making more effective by connecting multiple data sources relevant to the physicians and institutions. We combine evidence generation and robust data analytics to drive launch success across the product lifecycle. 

We provide tools to get an in-depth view of market characteristics and understand the opportunity. The advancement in precision medicine, including new and innovative therapies like biologics, RNA, gene therapy, and CAR-T combined with digital health initiatives are providing new opportunities to improve patient lives. The industry is shifting towards a “Patient Centric” commercial model.

  • With patient being the real customer, these treatments also have a very complex patient journey life cycle including finding patients, matching with the HCP, delivering the treatment and ultimately assessing the commercial value of the drug based on effectiveness. 
  • Performing analytics on claims related data (eg, IMS) and deriving insights during new product launch and comparing the commercial share of the market is a key aspect for drugs which meets the needs of larger population sets.
  • For rare disease companies, there are even more significant challenges based on
    - Lower prevalence, lack of adequate knowledge about the disease course, and phenotype heterogeneity
    - Smaller number of patient population
    - More challenging to find and diagnose patients
    - Market sizing and targeting is more complex compared to the traditional diseases (eg, diabetes)

RxDS Brings Unique Capabilities and Service Offerings for Commercial Analytics

Our approach combines deep commercial domain expertise with our assets (platform and products), that allows our clients to rapidly pilot specific use cases to assess the value, before expanding across the enterprise


We have experience delivering value to our clients across the 360° spectrum of the commercial value chain. Some of of the key areas include:

  • Source of Business & Brand Performance based on RWE data
  • Patient Services
  • Patient Journey
  • Channel Operations
  • Patient Finder and Forecasting
  • Digital Marketing
  • Field Service Reporting
  • Field Reimbursement
  • Medical Affairs

Enterprise Data Lake & Analytics - Global and Regional Data Lakes

  • Integrated analytics platform based on agile data lake architecture provides the ability to generate real-time insights about several key dimensions which are critical for the launch and expansion of new products in the Americas and global regions.
  • Insights generated across multiple dimensions, including Patients, Channel Operations, Product Market, Product Demand & Distribution, Medial Affairs, and New Indications.
  • Regional Data Lake that allows to tailor to the specific requirements of the region including data privacy, GDPR.

What Others Are Saying

“RxDataScience’s customer service focus in just fantastic. They are incredibly responsive to requests, and, in the rare instance an issue arises, the team is very proactive about communicating resolution timelines. I have worked in the industry for 20+ years and my experience with RxDataScience has ranked among my top data & analytics vendor experiences.”

Senior Director, Market Insight

Global Pharma Company

“The RxDataScience team brings agility, advanced capabilities and technology we simply cannot get from the other top consulting firms.”

Chief Data Officer

Top 10 Pharma

“RxDataScience has set the bar very high for other vendors to catch up.”

Head of Clinical Analytics Enablement

Top 10 Pharma Company

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