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Unique data science software solutions for pharmaceutical & healthcare companies

At RxDataScience, we are creating a large suite of apps across the entire pharmaceutical and healthcare value chain. These apps contain advanced analytics and data science inside, and sit on top of large datasets enabling business analysts and non-programmers to extract business value from healthcare data.

We link traditional and nontraditional data sources (such as RWE) with data science and machine learning to map patient journeys and identify previously unknown disease and treatment patterns, over a long period of time, resulting in dramatic improvements in the cost and quality of care.

Our Products and Services


Kx technology to support RxDS as it moves to disrupt healthcare and pharma analytics market

June 16th, 2017|0 Comments

Kx selected by RxDS as the platform for its data analytics solutions. Solutions based on Kx will unlock the data within pharma and healthcare companies to allow better and more rapid […]


“What they do better than anyone, we have seen, is link large healthcare datasets at scale.”

VP, Analytics, Major Pharmaceutical Company

“RxDataScience offers a suite of applications with advanced analytics capabilities for a broad set of business needs.”

VP, Worldwide Analytics, Global Pharma Company

Starting with pharma, expanding across healthcare

Our core team has a collective 160+ years of experience within the pharmaceutical industry. Therefore starting within the pharmaceutical industry seemed natural. While we are currently concentrating on solutions to serve the pharmaceutical industry, we will soon be tackling different sets of data within the healthcare industry as a whole. These markets include the providers (i.e. hospital systems), payers (i.e. insurance companies, government), medical devices, biotechnology, and more.