Many big data solutions for healthcare/pharma, but one is far better!

We can't advance by following the herd or hiring one to run it :-)

We Are Rx Data Science

Focusing on Applying Data Science to Healthcare

We have noticed some opportunities to apply data science discipline to healthcare in the Pharma, Life Science and other verticals. We understand the challenges of applying data science to healthcare data and have solutions that are not mainstream. It is too early to reveal details. Sign up for more information or watch this space for announcements.


RxDataScience Vision

Small and highly talented team who know healthcare data

Solve practical problems in data science applications to Pharma, Healthcare

We will soon have products and training to help your data science applications

Our Skills

Machine Learning 80%
Data Visualization 80%
Database Programming 90%
Functional Programming 78%

What makes us special

We have practical experience solving difficult data science challenges in the data preparation, visualization and machine learning areas involving healthcare data (especially pharmaceutical). We have evaluated several platforms that are popular and promoted heavily. We have achieved results that have to be seen to be believed.

Our Services

Check out our service offerings

We plan to offer services addressing these key needs in data science. All the services are tailored for the Pharma/bio-tech/healthcare industries.

Analytics & Data Science Platform

Actionable data science for Pharma

Data Science Bootcamp

Pharma/healthcare focused

Startup Kit - Algorithms

A Start-up kit of algorithms

Data Preparation Engine

An engine to help prepare data for ML

Hand Tailored Visualizations

The right visualization for the domain

Health Care Data

Curated database ready for ML use

Our Work

Our Work is inspired by several years of Healthcare Industry Experience solving complex practical problems for our Customers

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Our solution tranforms your Productivity.



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Data Science for Pharma and Healthcare Bootcamp

Date: May 1-2, 2017

Location: The Frontier, RTP, NC

This exclusive bootcamp is an opportunity for Pharma and Healthcare professionals to get acquainted with leading Big Data, Machine Learning and in general Data Science concepts.

The course provides a practical foundation of the current state of Data Science and how it is being applied across various sectors of healthcare to deliver advanced data mining, predictive and prescriptive analytics in large Pharmaceutical companies.

The course is split into 2 days of working sessions - Day 1 involves a hands on introduction to the tools used in Data Science and Day 2 involves an interactive discussion and exploration of various real-world use cases of machine learning concepts being used in the health care sector.

You pose the challenges, you pose the questions, we provide the answers – neutral, agnostic, independent and non-vendor specific.

Day 1:

  • Big Data concepts
  • Big Data tools
  • Machine Learning concepts
  • Machine Learning tools
  • Data Mining using R and other tools
  • Machine Learning using R and other tools
  • R as a substitute for Excel
  • Other Big Data Tools: Hadoop & Spark
  • BI Tools for data science
  • Improving daily workflow using R & other tools

Day 2:

  • Big Data applications in Pharma & Healthcare
  • Machine Learning in Pharma & Healthcare
  • Real-World Data Science Use Cases in Pharma
  • How to supercharge your pharma analytics using Data Science
  • Pharma Industry & Management Perspective on Data Science
  • Exploration of unmet needs in Pharma and how to use Data Science to solve them
  • Interactive audience discussion


  • Mid-Senior Level Management of Departments currently using or considering Big Data
  • Business Intelligence, Data Analytics and Big Data Professionals
  • Professionals who are looking to leverage their skills in the Big Data world


  • A laptop where you can plug in an USB drive! (Seriously, that is all you will need).
  • A basic knowledge of statistics would be helpful, but not necessary

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