• Supply Chain across both Biopharma & Life Sciences and cross industry manufacturing sector present a huge opportunity where analytics can drive real and hard ROI.
  • Based on several analyst research reports, the top 3 areas across the industry where Advanced Analytics and AI has the maximum return on investment includes Drug Discovery, Supply Chain Operations, and Sales & Marketing.
  • The industry is moving away from traditional linear supply chain to network model with high levels of collaboration.
  • Industry 4.0 (e.g. IoT and sensors) is providing unique opportunity to connect and get real time insights from the execution level including manufacturing, quality, and logistics.

RxDataScience brings unique capabilities and service offerings on the Supply Chain Analytics based on a consultative model. Our approach combines deep Supply Chain domain experience with our assets (platform and products), that allows our clients to rapidly pilot specific use cases to assess the value, before expanding across the enterprise.

A Rapid Development Advanced Analytics Lab i(RDAL) has been established at the RTP. This will be leveraged to accelerate and test the feasibility of new ideas and innovation, before they are prioritized and included in the formal project pipeline.

Driving Value and ROI - From "Operational Reporting" to High Value Predictive & Prescriptive Analytics

How do we think of advanced analytics, as it relates to CUSTOMERS' vision and priorities?

  • Innovation & Scalability
  • Competitive Advantage
  • Supply Chain Visibility
  • Supply Chain Optimization
  • Enable SIOP Process
  • Improve demand forecast accuracy
  • Optimize inventory
  • Working Capital optimization
  • Automation and efficiency gains
  • Expansion to new markets / product lines
  • Quality & Compliance



How do we bridge the gap to the future state vision, from where we are today?



  • What strategy should we adopt and the levers to use, that allows reduction in working capital by 10% while maintaining 98^ customer delivery performance across key markets & customers?


  • Based on the demand situation and the variables, what is the opportunity to reduce working capital (e.g. safety stock by X $M) and simulate demand vs supply scenario over the next 12-18 months?


  • What are the key metrics (KPI) and the factors causing demand variations, impacting inventory management & increase in safety stock levels?


  • What was my demand & inventory situation and disruption events within region / product line, that impacted the working capital and revenues?



Sample Target Opportunities - Advanced Analytics & Insights

Supply Chain, Manufacturing & Quality can leverage analytics to provide insights and answer several key business questions, which ultimately will lead to optimization and transformation, while gaining better visibility into supply chain. Some example insights and key business questions AI/ ML can enable includes: 

  • What are the drivers that cause demand variation and is there a pattern that can be identified base on various themes?
  • What models can be adopted to better predict and manage forecast (demand) accuracy and sense the demand ? Can we create an ensemble of models (e.g. seasonal, linear regression,) and combine them to create a better forecast?
  • How can we segment the Supply Chain - customers, products, markets, to gain improved visibility of the patterns and increase revenue opportunities  and reduce demand/supply variability ? 
  • How can we derive intelligence from the shop floor including using IoT, and connect with the transactional processing data to derive deeper insights?
  • Can we create dynamic safety stock models. that considers the demand variability, supply variability including vendor lead times? How do we predict optimum days on hand (DOH) based on the demand / supply / inventory patterns?
  • How can be predict and find quality defects, that will have an impact on product and batch release?
  • Can we review the millions of data points from manufacturing and logistics, to predict potential quality and batch related issues in advance?
  • How can we get dynamic visibility to demand/supply/capacity/inventory data during sales & operations planning that allows to respond and decide faster?
  • What are the regulatory and quality implications on product launch and expansion in new markets? How does the regulatory approvals impact supply chain and stable supply to the patients?

What Others Are Saying

“RxDataScience’s customer service focus in just fantastic.  They are incredibly responsive to requests, and, in the rare instance an issue arises, the team is very proactive about communicating resolution timelines.  I have worked in the industry for 20+ years and my experience with RxDataScience has ranked among my top data & analytics vendor experiences.”

Senior Director, Market Insight

Global Pharma Company

“The RxDataScience team brings agility, advanced capabilities and technology we simply cannot get from the other top consulting firms.”

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“RxDataScience has set the bar very high for other vendors to catch up.”

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