ORBIXS: Powerful Launch Analytics to Help Maximize Market Value

ORBIXS is an interface that is easily configured to your data and business model. It has customizable performance benchmarks to make it easy to identify challenges and areas of opportunity to improve your business and commercial engagement. The system provides dynamic and interactive visuals, with deep drill down, ad hoc reporting capabilities.

This application provides a streamline effect, allowing everyone from executives to the sales representatives to see the same KPIs, understand their contribution and what needs to be accomplished.

By integrating data science into your ways of working, you will have a competitive advantage over the industry as you make smarter business decisions. We’d like to take the next step and work alongside your team to aid your business in making smarter, data driven decisions.

Deployment is rapid, typically from access to your data set(s) to a fully customized version of the platform within 30 days. Let's get started! 

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