Join our team in Salem, Tamil Nadu, India

Would you like to work for RxDataScience and help change the world? RXDS Software Solutions Private Limited, India based Subsidiary of RxDataScience Inc., focuses on developing software applications (apps) for pharmaceutical and healthcare verticals. The apps combine the power of Data Science, Analytics and Machine Learning over large datasets unlocking new and innovative solutions. The apps are targeted towards business intelligence, detecting disease progression, tracking medication persistency and more.

We offer an exciting innovative work environment where you learn technology not taught anywhere else which can improve patient lives.  We program in ways not typically done elsewhere and if you are capable, you will be challenged and rewarded. We use “functional programming” on very large data-sets and write code that is hard. We solve business problems that are hard; for example, can you imagine combing through a 10 billion row database to find patients that took 3 specific drugs after getting diagnosed with a disease within 6 months of each other? How about figuring out if they are getting treated by multiple products at the same time? Or find someone who may have a disease and they don’t realize? 

If all this interests you and you believe you can learn anything, here’s our challenge. Take the next few weeks and review some materials about a language called Q. The language and platform is extremely powerful, but introduces a new paradigm, a new way of thinking. We are trying to find individuals, capable of learning and enjoying this unique platform to join our dynamic team.

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Listed below is some free material to learn.

When you are ready, reach out to us for an interview at and we’ll move to the next steps. Don’t forget to send us your resume too. Good luck!
1) Introduction

Website for kx (and introductory video on the homepage)
Download KDB+ for your environment
The q folder should be located at your home directory/q (eg., /ravi/q). Execute q by running it from the directory (eg., q/l32, q/m32, q/w32) with ./q

A Brief Introduction To KDB+
Sample Queries
Smartmeter – 1 Billion Row Table On Laptop / Workstation

2) Tutorials

New Tutorial Website
Comprehensive Tutorial – Primary book for learning KDB+/Q
Developer Briefs

3) General purpose reading on kdb+

High Frequency Trading – an introduction

For more tutorials and advanced reading material, click here.

Openings at Salem, Tamil Nadu, India

We are looking for both Junior( 2-3 years of experience) and Senior (6+ years of experience) level positions for almost all roles. Applicants should have a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or related field.

App Developers

  • Required Skillset: APEX, CSS/ HTML/ Python, JavaScript
  • Experience with SQL/ Q would be a bonus
  • Additional experience in Visualization (D3/ DC) would put in an advantage
  • Must be willing to learn in-house App building framework in short time

Data Analytics Engineers

  • Required Skillset: R, Python
  • Specific Data Science/ Machine Learning Experience would be a plus
  • Experience in some of these would set you apart: Q/ SQL/ JavaScript/ D3/ DC/ R-Shiny
  • Must be willing to learn in-house Cohort building framework

App Delivery Managers

  • Required Skillset: Q/ JavaScript and/ or R/ Python/ Data Science
  • Experience in timely product/ system delivery and experience in working with a team are must
  • Responsible for app delivery: must be able to quickly learn the app and process end-to-end
  • Being able to implement DevOps practices within the team would be a plus
  • Be sure to mention if you have health care/ pharma experience

Test Engineers

  • Experience in Design, execution and automation of test cases, bug reporting, Functional/ Regression testing, Integration & system testing
  • Knowledge of SDLC, Use case documentation
  • Actively interacting with the development team for reviews throughout the development

DevOps Engineers

  • Required Skillset: APEX, CSS/ HTML/ Python, R, JavaScript
  • Experience with some of these would set you apart: SQL/ Q, Visualization (D3/ DC), R-Shiny
  • Specific Data Science/ Machine Learning Experience would be a plus
  • Must be willing to learn in-house App building framework in short time
  • Can interact across departments and available to respond to critical production issues and talk to the customer, if necessary.
  • Can resolve client matters by interacting with various teams.

Operations Manager

We are looking for an Operations Manager with 10-15 years of office setup experience. Duties would include setting up the office with infrastructure, furnishing the office, getting the office supplies including laptops, copy machines, telephone lines, monitoring payroll and accounting.

To apply for any of these roles, reach out to us at rajesh@rxdatascience.comDon’t forget to send us your resume too. Good luck!

Why Salem, you ask?

  • We are proud to be part of a developing Tier-II city
  • Away from the chaos, traffic and pollution of big cities; low cost of living
  • Well connected to Bangalore/ Chennai/ Coimbatore for weekend trips
  • Yercaud and Kalrayan hills for hikes/ nature
  • Closer to several cultural centers in South India with innumerable attractions rich in history, culture, architecture and archaeology