About Jonathan Guy

Jonathan is a graduate of Software & Electronic Systems Engineering from Queen’s University Belfast who recently joined the technical team at Kx Systems as a go-getting and determined software engineer and data-scientist. From working in such a technical environment alongside RxDataScience he has gained an appreciation for all things machine learning and aspires to learn to a great deal in this ever growing field of industry in the hopes of helping revolutionize the healthcare industry with this game changing new technology.

Machine Learning with CMS Public Healthcare Dataset, Part II

Introduction to CMS OpenPayments Data Analysis using Machine Learning

In the previous blog we discussed the fundamental concept of what Machine Learning is and how it can be applied in the modern world of Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare, further to this we explored CMS Open Payments, the federal program that collects information about the payments drug and device companies make to their potential clients.


Machine Learning with CMS Public Healthcare Dataset, Part I


From the outset, the term “Machine Learning” can seem very daunting to those unfamiliar with the technicalities of what this actually means, or so it seemed to me when I was initially assigned to develop a use case for one of these algorithms during my time here at RxDataScience.  From a quick study into the topic, Machine Learning (ML), put simply, is a branch of Artificial Intelligence (AI) that allows a system to automatically learn and improve itself without being explicitly instructed to, by using past and present data to predict certain outcomes [1].  The following video provides a gentle introduction into what ML is all about: